Netrix Internet Ltd. - About us

Over the past 20 years, our team has worked closely with leading publishing houses and institutions. We work across all sectors, and use all our expertise and the latest technologies to develop effective and streamlined media solutions.

Netrix Ltd is a professional, full-service IT developer of CMS systems. Our focus is on the planning, customization and implementation of content management systems and complex publishing solutions.

Our full scope of services support each and every step of print and digital publishing, from creative planning through technical realization and long-term maintenance of your media system, including web and mobile applications. Our aim is to establish highly functional and easy to use solutions for our publishing clients.

The experience we have collected in this field led us to create the Netrix iCMS product, which is a ready-made, easy to use single-source publishing application. iCMS is a full-featured editorial system. It works with API’s and plugins to the software that are known and used by publishers, thus creating a system with a very small IT footprint and a very short learning curve.



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