iCMS is a cloud content repository, accessible with widely used tools including a rich HTML5 interface and multiple plugins for authoring and publishing.

Authoring modules

Let your editorial team create and manage content in a browser, anywhere, anytime, with an easy to use and lightning fast interface.

Structured database

A robust database stores your content in the cloud in a clean, organized and reusable model.

Presentation modules

Serve readers with our robust responsive frontend, or flow content to any platform with plugins and API.

Access anywhere, anytime

Easy to use and easy to like: a straightforward user interface and workflow geared towards content authoring, collaboration, review and publishing. All you need is a browser and internet connection. Basics can be learned in a few minutes. iCMS supports a multi-site, multi-issue, and multi-title workload, allowing you to supply content to as many websites, print titles, mobile apps, as you need.

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Adobe InDesign connector plugin

Use InDesign desktop, iCMS exchanges content with your layout in real time. Insert stories from iCMS to your InDesign document with one click. Your content instantly becomes a unique designed publication the way you want. Automation dramatically speeds up repetitive tasks, with no compromises in design and templating. All without using expensive server-side technology.

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A robust news portal framework

Serve hundreds of thousands of users and multiple websites using iCMS's built-in responsive frontend. It forms a modular, high-performace news website with functions like picture galleries, video streaming, polls, multi-site handling, or even paywall. This can come handy if your media project exceeds the capabilities of common CMS systems or blogging platforms.

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WordPress connector plugin

If you have WordPress websites as front-end, but want to develop content in a more professional, centralized way, look no further. With our connector module your stories can be pushed to multiple WordPress installations as posts and appear immediately with perfect styling and data integration.

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Paid content, completely customized with the Netrix paywall

Nowadays, publishers want to rely on advertising revenue as little as possible. Independent, quality content production costs a lot of money, so reader input - addressed by publishers with various levels of paid content - is becoming increasingly important. The key to this is the personalized paywall module, which also gives an accurate picture of who purchased what on your site. The Netrix iCMS paywall module helps you with this.

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iCMS: a true alternative to InDesign Server

Netrix has recognized what a common struggle it can be for publishers to synchronize their online and offline content, and to streamline their workflow. Netrix iCMS, as an InDesign Server alternative, offers a solution to this problem, among other things.

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Flexible architecture

iCMS can be scaled to the needs of your organisation.

In our cloud

Use in our high-performance cloud and avoid having to invest into a server.

On your cloud server

Installed on your private cloud server.

On your internal server

Operate on your internal server maintained by your IT team, with support from Netrix.

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