WordPress connector plugin

If you have WordPress websites as front-end, but want to develop content in a more professional, centralized way, look no further. With our connector module your stories can be pushed to multiple WordPress installations as posts and appear immediately with perfect styling and data integration.

Workflow and content management behind Wordpress sites 

If you already have Wordpress sites as frontends - then you need a sytem behind that supports editorial work. A CMS that shows not only the history of the article, but also manages the communication between the members of the editorial staff (writer, editor-in-chief, sales manager etc), while the articles become part of a structured, easy-to-use and searchable database. ICMS - as a headless CMS - offers a future-proof database: should you replace the frontend in the future, the database is retained. The system can fit virtually any frontend. 

Our iCMS Wordpress-plugin can be easily installed to any Wordpress instance and it automatically syncs articles from iCMS. It can be extensively configured to populate posts in the WP database using the required metadata, styles, images, SEO fields, etc. This way a fully automatic sytem can be created where you don't have to log in to WP admin, posts automatically appear at the right place, the right time.  


Sync content between InDesign and Wordpress

iCMS supports full content sync with InDesign too. A content piece can start its life in the CMS, or on a print page, then it can then go to a Wordpress site too - being always in sync. With these plug-is, a fully tailored publishing solution can be rolled out quickly.


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