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Netrix iCMS is a cost-effective, media focused CMS solution connected straight to InDesign - that automatically feeds content to both printed and online platforms.


Netrix’s CMS: a highly customized, yet out-of-the-box solution

Easy and fast to upgrade, SEO-friendly, the monthly subscription fee comes with support and updates, and you can work with it straight away. Netrix’ Content Management System - iCMS - is a unique solution precisely because it’s been constantly evolving based on real needs, in order to make it a great help for publishers. And it can be yours from now on, too.


How it all began: the Netrix-iCMS story

First, reflecting publishers’ needs, web developers behind Netrix have come up with a plugin for InDesign that can sniff content straight from the website. Later, there was a need for synchronization the other way around, too: from print - straight from InDesign - to online. As time went on, the system got more and more precise, and was now able to handle not only textual content but also images and spreadsheets, as these are obviously key features for newspapers, magazines, medical journals or financial reports.

Later, the development and customization of a wide range of plugins began, tailored to the unique requirements of content production to the maximum: for some, both the title and the subtitle is of the same importance, others do not only need a paywall-plugin but they also want to customize the method of payment, while in many cases, the client needs various forms to sign up for their events. It often happens that a multilingual interface is required, but for video-based sites, for example, we offer a serious media server plugin to catalog and stream their video and audio material. Due to these diverse needs, iCMS today is an extremely versatile tool, and is able to meet a wide variety of needs, evolving and expanding day by day.


What are the issues Netrix iCMS can be an answer to?

  • If you need a website but aim for a more complex CMS than Wordpress because you need your online content to be automatically organized into a print form.
  • If you want to publish the content of your print magazine or newspaper online, often as paid content.
  • If your site already has a frontend - perhaps basic Wordpress sites - but there is no system to support editorial work that shows not only the history of the article, but also manages the communication between the members of the editorial staff (writer, editor-in-chief, sales manager etc), while the articles become part of a structured, easy-to-use and searchable database. ICMS - as a headless CMS - offers a future-proof database: should you replace the frontend in the future, the database is retained. The system can fit virtually any frontend.


What are the benefits of Netrix iCMS?

It’s a smart out-of-the-box solution: by purchasing the Netrix iCMS-license, the content management system can be implemented in a matter of seconds, and can be easily customized if needed.

The monthly license fee also includes 24-hour support, happy to assist the staff not only with the initial training, but also answer any questions and resolve upcoming issues.

The license means not just the purchase of a software, but also continuous upgrades: new Netrix-modules and experiences are constantly added to the system.

It can be customized without the help of web developers, which means that you save a lot on hourly rates. The project manager helping you to put the system in place or the support teammate can help you fit the iCMS to your needs.

Of course,individual developments and plugins can be ordered if necessary, but in most cases, versatile ready-made solutions help the work-flow go smoothly.

The usual workflow does not change: InDesign is still there and so is Wordpress if that’s what you prefer, but there is a system running in the background that automates content flow between all these.


To what extent is Netrix iCMS SEO-friendly?

Search engine optimization is a topic you cannot avoid as each editorial staff wants to have their materials come up in the top places of search engines.

With Netrix iCMS, the backend stores all SEO-relevant data in a separate semantic database, which can be edited, and if the appropriate box is not filled in, it is generated from the content. The system can also handle metadata and images, which are stored and passed to the frontend in a clean form (but can also be displayed on your own frontend, or if there is another frontend system, e.g. Wordpress, it can be passed on to the SEO plugin of that, too).

If the frontend itself is made by Netrix, special care is taken to make it SEO-friendly on a technical level: by filling in the appropriate fields of the frontend we get pretty good results, but of course the system itself automatically generates SEO data from the title and the lead, too.


Easy and fast: iCMS

Those who subscribe to Netrix iCMS are primarily media companies (small and medium-sized publishers), but of course there are also more and more institutions that have their own communication department and/or calendar-like database (e.g. what is needed to sell tickets). Moreover, there are companies that communicate about themselves in a news portal format, perhaps even publish a catalog from time to time. The biggest benefit for all of them is that they can easily and quickly get a handy system without having to pay through the nose, or being forced to change the workflow they are used to - making Netrix iCMS a smart choice for a wide range of companies all over the world.


The story of Netrix

Netrix has been developing CMSs for more than 20 years, gaining insight into the workflows of several multinational publishers and a number of smaller and larger companies too. The main point was the same pretty much everywhere: there was a huge need for a general content management system that has the ability to combine print and online content, but without the need for a pricy InDesign-Server license and a complete - and time-consuming - transformation of the usual workflow. This is how Netrix iCMS was born: a professional alternative for small and medium-sized publishers and institutions for cost-effective, simple content management.


"Our job is to create a system that serves the real needs of our customers with optimal, streamlined solutions, using the latest technology. The key to our success is customer satisfaction, both when it comes to quick implementation and everyday usage of the system. Long-term customer relationships are important to us: we aim to be the kind of partner (solution- and infrastructure provider) our customers can rely on for years to come. I would recommend Netrix iCMS to anyone because our solution is simple, fast, professional and fairly tested, and it is cost-effective, too. The company itself has been on the market for almost two decades, we are confident when it comes to solving any problems our customers may face. Our success is customer satisfaction - Péter Kőszegi, Netrix CTO"


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