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iCMS: a true alternative to InDesign Server

Netrix has recognized what a common struggle it can be for publishers to synchronize their online and offline content, and to streamline their workflow. Netrix iCMS, as an InDesign Server alternative, offers a solution to this problem, among other things.

Paid content, completely customized with the NetrixLabs paywall

Nowadays, publishers want to rely on advertising revenue as little as possible. Independent, quality content production costs a lot of money, so reader input - addressed by publishers with various levels of paid content - is becoming increasingly important. The key to this is the personalized paywall module, which -  if it works well -, also gives an accurate picture of who purchased what on your site.


Which CMS for news websites, portals and publishing is the most cost-effective? Yes, iCMS!

One of the greatest benefits of Netrix iCMS is that it is an extremely cost-effective solution. How is it possible? The License/user business scheme, which depends on the number of users, allowing the monthly license fee to be adjusted to the size of the company. This means that a newsroom of 30 people pays incomparably less than a thousand-person company, yet they all enjoy the same benefits.

Why is SEO important for a news site?

Everyone tends to agree that the greatest value of a newsroom - beyond the people it consists of - is the content. That’s why you should definitely pay close attention to your content strategy, and be smart with your traffic diversion scheme, too. Do you rely solely on social media, or take advantage of a good CMS and put a lot of emphasis on search engine optimization? If the latter, iCMS can be a great tool for you.

A highly customized, yet out-of-the-box solution

Easy and fast to upgrade, SEO-friendly, the monthly subscription fee comes with support and updates, and you can work with it straight away. Netrix’ Content Management System - iCMS - is a unique solution precisely because it’s been constantly evolving based on real needs, in order to make it a great help for publishers. And it can be yours from now on, too.

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