Netrix iCMS: the best Content Management System for news Publishers

For multiple print and online products, it’s a major challenge to coordinate various platforms without any compromises when it comes to content. Netrix iCMS can help small and medium-sized publishers around the world to overcome this problem.

Imagine a publisher producing a number of printed items (magazines, newspapers, catalogues) and several websites with the latest news where the content of the print pages is also posted (sometimes with a slight delay or right before the magazine comes out, behind a paywall).

They will not put up with a PDF version to scroll as they want their own content to be available as a proper article on the website, strengthening their role on a SEO level, increasing the number of organic page downloads to reach as many readers as possible with relevant content. What options do they have now?


Ditch InDesign Server and go for iCMS instead

Basically, they have three options to coordinate and connect printed and online content. The first option is rather expensive and complicated: they can purchase InDesign Server-license and subscribe to various print-focused enterprise publishing systems like Woodwing, Vjoon or Arc Publishing. These may be great solutions for giants, but small- and medium-sized publishers may not have the resources to spend that much on the project, and/or reorganize the entire workflow as this is a rather expensive process, both in terms of financials and human resources.


Best cost-effective and user-friendly CMS

It’s also possible to ask an employee to upload the content one by one to the company website, but it takes a lot of time and requires certain compromises. Finally, the publisher can opt for Netrix iCMS, a cost-efficient CMS solution to coordinate printed and digital content in one single user-friendly CMS, available straight from the browser, fitting the publisher’s individual needs and requirements.

We are talking about a complex, yet easy to use system - connected straight to InDesign - that easily feeds content to both printed and online platforms, and even colleagues accustomed to a simple Wordpress-system can work with it from the very first moment. You do not have to decide whether to put digital or printed content in the foreground, your content matters regardless of the platform it’s published first.


One content for multiple platforms, maximum flexibility

Only a CMS flexible to the extremes is able to adapt to the specific type of content produced by the publisher, so that no content producer needs to adapt to existing rigid frameworks, having to make a number of compromises.

In addition, iCMS is a perfect fit for the publisher's existing tools, there is no need to redesign the workflow or acquire a new one: the layout designer gets to sit in front of InDesign just like before (and can flexibly shape the layout, but in an automated way), and the website can öröbe the same old Wordpress - it’s just that everything is automated, but luckily not much training is required.

Netrix iCMS is a simple, cost-efficient solution for small and medium-sized publishing houses who care about print and online the same way, and want to automate the entire publishing process so that they can spend more time and money on what is really important: content.



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