Which CMS for news websites, portals and publishing is the most cost-effective? Yes, iCMS!

One of the greatest benefits of Netrix iCMS is that it is an extremely cost-effective solution. How is it possible? 

Usage-based license, tailored to the size of the company

The License/user business scheme, which depends on the number of users, allowing the monthly license fee to be adjusted to the size of the company. This means that a newsroom of 30 people pays incomparably less than a thousand-person company, yet they all enjoy the same benefits.


But what does a Netrix iCMS-subscriber get for their money?

  • A well-tested and proven CMS solution with 20 years of know-how built in
    training (unlimited; based on your needs)
  • An unlimited, fast-responding support (this is where a user/license-based construction makes sense, as a company with a thousand employees needs much more support than a small publisher with 30 employees, but it’s equally important to get quick help in both cases)
  • Regular updates (this includes not only the new plugins, but also new features that make it easier and more efficient to use the iCMS, Netrixlabs will come out with a major upgrade early next year to make editors’ job even easier).


Out-of-the-box ready-made solutions that are easy to customize

Netrixlabs has been present in the PHP-based CMS software market for almost 20 years, so they already have a large number of plugins publishers may need: paywall, video/audio streaming database,event calendar, voting, multilingual features, and more. Most of these are easy to set up during installation, but for plugins that require more customization - e.g. the paywall, about which every publisher has a well-defined individual idea - one does not start from scratch, saving a significant amount of money you’d pay straight to the pocket of the web-developer.


With iCMS working as an alternative to the InDesign server, editing efficiency increases. We also save significant human resource costs when it comes to journalists, editors and graphic-designers.

Journalists and reporters can submit articles (file a story) through a simple and fast interface that can be used in a browser - even from a mobile phone - just an internet connection is required. Editors get to work with content using a similar interface, then automatically forward them to graphic-designers or websites. This allows extreme high efficiency.

This way, editors do not need to keep sending documents to graphic-designers or web editors, there is no need to mess around copy-pasting the article into the system which tends to be a time-consuming process. The mechanical part of the work is significantly shortened, more time and energy is left to create the perfect templates and… basically make the page look more beautiful. This way, not only the cost of the InDesign Server License is spared, but the working hours of your editors and graphic-designers have also been shortened.


You may even get completely rid of the burden of infrastructure

Netrix iCMS-users can opt for full service: you don’t need to pay a separate server fee and a system administrator, and with zero infrastructure you get to focus on what really matters to each publisher: premium quality content and outstanding views.


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