Why is SEO important for a news site?

Everyone tends to agree that the greatest value of a newsroom - beyond the people it consists of - is the content. That’s why you should definitely pay close attention to your content strategy, and be smart with your traffic diversion scheme, too. 

Do you rely solely on social media, or take advantage of a good CMS and put a lot of emphasis on search engine optimization? If the latter, iCMS can be a great tool for you. 

According to the analysis of an SEO agency, users from organic searches - depending on the topic, style, and structure of their news site - can go up to 2.3-3.2 pageviews and read deeply, meaning they are more likely to click on other topics than the content they are interested in (in case those topics are served properly, both ergonomically and in content-wise). 

SEO is the basic 
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In order for your news site to meet Google’s standards, first you must meet the technical requirements set by the search engine. This means that a well-designed, well-scalable (hostingwise as well) CMS is an essential part of your work, for SEO, too. 

The iCMS by Netrixlabs already has a history of success when it comes to performance.  In another post, we’ve already covered a story of how New York-based Daily Gazette’s page views have increased after switching to the Netrix iCMS. Not only has the site become more stable due to its well-parameterized framework, but the time spent on the site has increased by 40 percent through better reader service. This is a huge step ahead!  Without disclosing the details of the site’s traffic data, let’s just add that the traffic coming from organic searches is more than half of the total traffic, which is an excellent result as well. In other words, analytics reveal that the SEO-value of the Daily Gazette has also increased!

And the basis of all this is a properly selected CMS, meeting SEO criteria to a great extent. The product of Netrixlabs has been perfected over many years, that’s why it reflects a wide range of various editorial needs. The technical team has taken the importance of SEO into account to a large extent in developing the framework and has implemented editorial requests, too.

Not only does iCMS serve those who work with it quickly and in a user-friendly way, but as a stable backend, it also generates all the metadata that Google's bot and social media need - making the job of editors and journalists much easier. It‘s also important to note that the backend stores all SEO-relevant data in a separate semantic database.

Beyond the technical basics mentioned above, Netrixlabs can help you create a proper technical and content audit, so that you get to build a content strategy that allows your editorial staff (with all necessary analytical and technical data) to gain a better position for search expressions that are important to them.

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