Videos and tutorials

New to iCMS or want to see a demo before trying it out, these videos will have you covered.

Cross-media publishing with iCMS

This video shows how to create an article in iCMS, how to edit it in an Adobe InDesign layout and how to publish on a website.

Template libraries

Using InDesign libraries with iCMS tagged objects is an extremely powerful way of template-based layout editing.

Roles and permissions

How to manage editorial accounts, administrator users and content access areas with roles and permissions.

Netrix iCMS: a quick introduction

This short video presents how a story is filed and published in print and web layouts.

Tag and style assignments

How to manage assignments between database fields – tags, and how to set style assignments.

Overview of the publishing workflow

Learn how to navigate the article database, how to edit and submit to editorial statuses and track versions.

Working with Google Docs

Netrix iCMS integrates well with Google Docs. This video shows how you can create an article in Docs, save it to iCMS and publish it in an Adobe InDesign layout.

Adding images

How to add images to an article – from the CMS and also from the layout – and how to publish them in print and on the web.

Setting up your InDesign document

How to get your existing Adobe InDesign document or template tagged and ready for database publishing with iCMS.

Creating an article from the InDesign layout

How to create an article right in the document layout, save it to the iCMS database and publish on the web.

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