Paid content behind a customized paywall

Paid content behind a customized paywall

Offer your most prestigious content only for paying readers and gain income to cover the expenses of your quality material/work. A multi-level paywall module allows publishers to cut their dependence on advertising revenue and rely more on their readers. No wonder this solution is gaining momentum in today’s economic environment.

Financial sustainability is a priority for publishing companies, and a key factor in achieving that can be maximizing your reader-based income. That is why an increasing number of media companies with online outlets have started to rely more on their audience.

Paid content behind a customized paywall

Boost your revenue

Today’s online media landscape is changing for the better in terms of direct income and reader attitude. Not only is it logical and ethical that those who use a product pay for it, but the good news is that many readers have realized it, resulting in a change in their attitudes: today, many of them are willing to support their favorite media outlets and pay for their content.
The most effective solution to gain income from your readers is introducing a paywall. The Netrix iCMS licence fee includes a quality paywall module, which we can customize to fit your company’s needs.

Taylor-made to fit your business

There are many ideas on how to shape a paywall. Some offer a limited number of free articles per day or month (probably 1 to 3 daily and 1 to 5 monthly are the most common), and only subscribers can access more. Others make their short news available to everyone, and only their detailed articles and opinion pieces are behind a paywall. Media companies with newspapers often opt for uploading their print material online, with only paying readers having access to the whole article besides the lead and the first paragraph of the body, which everyone can see.
There are countless possibilities and combinations of paywall options. The deciding factor is your media company's needs, and Netrix will customize the feature accordingly.

Add a paywall to your existing WordPress sites, or let Netrix build you new portals

Netrix iCMS is ready to build you a paywall that fits you best.

  • You may keep your old (often WordPress-based) front-end, with the paywall method on the surface handled by the WordPress plugin, and controlled by the CMS back-end.
  • You can opt for a state-of-the-art front-end, built by Netrix. In this case, the front-end includes the paywall module itself and handles all paid items and the subscription process as well.

Easy payment setup

An additional benefit of our feature is that any banking interface can be set up for payment. Detailed subscriber data is stored in an easily exportable and searchable database, allowing publishers to work on content strategy accordingly.

Easy paywall management

Introducing a paywall fits into the everyday workflow of your editorial team. Journalists and editors with authoring rights only need to tick a box to put the article behind the paywall.

See it for yourself

See it for yourself

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