Multichannel Publishing Made Easy.

Netrix iCMS is the lightweight publishing system to deliver content across digital and print channels.

  • Integrated print CMSAdobe InDesign integration for managing content in print layouts
  • Connected Connected for publishing on WordPress sites and other platforms
  • FlexibleA highly customised newsroom CMS that can serve unique, high load workflows
Multichannel publishing
Multichannel publishing

Build a publishing system behind your current tools

Collaborate, manage and publish content across websites, print publications, mobile apps and other channels in one central, media-neutral system.

Speed up your content creation process and let your story automatically fit to platforms like Adobe InDesign and WordPress. 

Store your content in a platform-independent, future-proof database that can be reused efficiently.

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How does our publishing system help you?

  • bullet Quick deploy: a highly customized yet out-of-the-box solution, based on 20 years of experience with publishers
  • bullet Work on content for print, digital, or both, integrated with your existing systems like InDesign layouts and WordPress sites  
  • bullet A modular, headless CMS system with JSON API. State-of-the-art technology that supports future development and integrations
  • bullet Availalble cloud-based or on-premise, with 24 hour support and continuous upgrades.
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A robust news portal framework

Serve hundreds of thousands of users and multiple websites using iCMS's built-in responsive frontend. It forms a modular, high-performace news website with functions like picture galleries, video streaming, polls, multi-site handling, or even paywall. This can come handy if your media project exceeds the capabilities of common CMS systems or blogging platforms.

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Make your newsroom more effective

If you are working with multiple print and online products, it’s a major challenge to coordinate various platforms without any compromises when it comes to content. In this article you can find solutions that help small and medium-sized publishers around the world to overcome this problem.

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Connecting InDesign and WordPress

Netrix has recognized what a common struggle it can be for publishers to synchronize their online and offline content, and to streamline their workflow. Netrix iCMS, as an InDesign Server alternative, offers a solution to this problem, among other things.

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