Seven reasons why you need a paywall ASAP

Seven reasons why you need a paywall ASAP and should have already introduced it

Media companies without a multi-level paywall system risk their future even in the medium term. We have collected some convincing reasons why those hesitating should act now.

Seven reasons why you need a paywall ASAP

It is a fact that the media landscape is evolving, which causes headaches even for the media giants. We dived into the details of the financial struggles in the industry, mentioning a couple of ideas beneficial for companies aiming for stability. One of these lifelines is introducing a multi-level paywall system, regarded today as a must-have for media companies.

We have collected seven reasons why you should act now.

You need more revenue

It is the most obvious one. Most media companies are struggling for survival, including the big players. Local media is especially coming off badly from the recent changes in advertising trends. If you do not gain enough income, you will not be able to continue publishing.

It is ethical

If you want to acquire something, you buy it. When it comes to online articles, the situation is no different.

Your biggest asset

Your audience is your biggest asset. It has always been: in the print era, they bought your newspapers and magazines in stunning numbers; later, your readership was the source of your income from ads; and today, they are the ones who are still there for you to rely on. Trust them. Build on them.

In your readers’ interest

They like your content, it is why they visit your site regularly. Introducing a paywall is a tool to ensure they can continue doing so.

Specialty of the chef

Unique content production needs more resources. For your staff, it took plenty of effort and time to write those articles your audience cannot read anywhere else, be it an investigative report that shakes the country, a thought-provoking editorial, or covering an important local story.

Do not dig your own grave

Many media companies make life difficult for themselves by offering their content for free for too long. As a result, their audience gets used to reading it for free. However, introducing a paywall can still be successful. The sooner, the better.

You snooze, you lose

Other media companies have already opted for a paywall, gaining an advantage in the race for income. As for readers, it is limited how much they are willing to spend on digital media, so you'd better move quickly.

In our opinion, introducing a multi-level paywall works best. Here, you can learn more about it.

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